Romain Viallard
Romain Viallard
Hey there, I'm Romain.

I'm a web artisan.

I help companies provide engaging digital experiences to their customers and partners.

I’ve now more than 7 years of experience helping project holders from various sectors (health, luxury, industry, automobile, etc..) with the success of their endeavours, notably in the ecommerce area.

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Web artisan ?

I'm striving to be able to intervene in each and every step of a project life, from its inception to its release, providing support afterwards.

You get to enjoy a unique interlocutor, conscious of context and stakes of each of his interventions.
  • Webdesign
  • Development
  • Sysadmin

Open source

You can find all my open source contributions on my GitHub account.

I’m mainly active in Haskell & Nix communities, being confident that functional paradigm is an essential tool to wield in order to achieve greater software quality.